About Zanshin Dojo

Zanshin Dojo started in 2012 as a program at the YMCA of Chatham-Kent. The demand for classes became so strong that it became necessary for the quickly growing karate club to find a home with a broader range of times available for classes. Zanshin Dojo met at Sprucedale United Church until 2017, when - as a result of continued growth - it partnered with Brio Academy and moved to its current location at 330 Richmond Street, Chatham.

Students of Zanshin Dojo and their families rave about the traditional atmosphere of the karate club - which begins and ends with respect, and balances strong training with encouragement and fun in a way that keeps the students coming back for more!

Zanshin Dojo is a proud member of the Ontario Karate Federation, Karate Canada, and the World Karate Federation.

LEGACY Shorin Ryu

Many different styles of karate have developed over time due to geography and different teaching styles. Shorin Ryu is one of the oldest styles of karate, tracing its roots to Shuri-te, based in the village of Shuri, Okinawa, and to Sokon Matsumura’s White Crane style. In our dojos, we emphasize discipline and etiquette to ensure a safe and friendly environment, allowing to students to develop at their own pace.

Legacy Shorin Ryu refers to the association founded by Hanshi Gary Legacy, 10th Dan. The association’s honbu, or main dojo, is located in St. Thomas, Ontario. The association is comprised of many dojos across Ontario and B.C.

As a part of the Legacy family of dojos, we are a part of a proud lineage that can be traced back to the very origins of karate – it is why we devote time to the history of our martial art, and it is an important part of who we are as a dojo.

To find out more about Legacy Shorin Ryu, visit the association website at www.shorinryu.ca.


Daniel Whittal, RENSHI

Sensei Daniel Whittal

Daniel has trained in the martial arts since he was a young child.  He currently holds the rank of godan (5th degree black belt) in Legacy Shorin Ryu karate. He has been a successful competitor in Canada, the United States, Panama and the Dominican Republic. His study of the martial arts has also included judo and Brazilian Ju Jutsu in Quebec City, and Seido karate in New York City. Though Daniel has deepened his knowledge through the study of other martial arts, he has always cherished the privilege of being a student of Hanshi Gary Legacy, and continues to learn from Hanshi Legacy on a regular basis. A life-long learner, Daniel is also a student of Hakutsuru White Crane under Gary Legacy, Koryu Uchinadi under Patrick McCarthy, and Iaido under Randy Dauphin. He is also a trained karate coach under Sport Canada’s National Coaching Certification Program.