The barraki or “grading” is the ceremony in which students of karate complete their testing for their next belt, and, if successful, are awarded with their next belt. Gradings usually occur on the first Saturday in March, June, September and December each year.

By the time students of karate go to their grading, they are prepared to meet all the requirements to achieve their next kyu (belt level). It takes hard work and dedication to make it to a grading, and students will be asked to demonstrate what they have learned – their kata, sparring, history – before Hanshi Gary Legacy at our honbu (central dojo) in St. Thomas, Ontario.

The belt testing process involves two main steps: the recommendation and the grading.


When a student’s Sensei determines that the student is ready to test for the next belt level, the student must first show another designated Sensei from another dojo that he or she has mastered all of the requirements for the next belt level – this is called the Recommendation.  If that Sensei agrees that you are ready to test for your next belt level, he or she will recommend you for attendance at the grading.


The Grading is when the student finally gets to perform in front of Hanshi Legacy and the yudansha (head instructors) of Legacy Shorin Ryu. By the time a student attends the grading, he or she should be very confident! While some students are occasionally asked to wait until the next grading to receive their next belt, this is quite rare.

The most rewarding part of the belt testing process is when your name is called and Hanshi Legacy himself ties your new belt on you. This is a great honour and privilege, and it sets us apart from many other dojos where earning belts is not as challenging, and as a result, not as special.


Our Honbu

When you earn a new belt in Legacy Shorin Ryu Karate Jutsu, you can be proud to know that you have really earned it!  It is truly a great accomplishment.

The address for Legacy Shorin Ryu’s honbu dojo is:
39 Burwell Road, St. Thomas, ON


These are the requirements for each of the belt levels in Legacy Shorin Ryu Karate Jutsu

Yellow Belt – 6th Kyu 

- Kata: Pinan Shodan; Pinan Nidan.
- 100 Stomach exercises
- Basic Sparring
- Essay: How has Shorin Ryu changed my life?

Green Belt – 5th Kyu

- Kata: Pinan Sandan; Pinan Yondan.
- 100 Stomach Exercises
- Basic Sparring
- Essay: Where is Karate from? How did it get there?

Purple Belt – 4th Kyu

- Kata: Pinan Godan; Seisan.
- 150 Stomach Exercises
- Intermediate Sparring
- Essay: What are Sokon Matsumura's roles in the development of "Okinawan Martial Arts"?

Brown Belt – 3rd Kyu

- Kata: Naihanchi Shodan; Naihanchi Nidan; Naihanchi Sandan.
- 150 Stomach Exercises
- Advanced Sparring
- Essay: What is Kata?

Brown Belt – 2nd Kyu

- Kata: Wanshu; Wankan; Ananku.
- 150 Stomach Exercises
- Advanced Sparring
- Essay: What is Shorin Ryu (Shuri te)?

Brown Belt – 1st Kyu

- Kata: Rohai; Passai.
- 200 Stomach Exercises
- Advanced Sparring
- Essay: What is called true Okinawan Karate?