Stronger in Body and Mind

Serious karate students know that karate is more than just training your body – it's also about training your mind. Karate training at Zanshin Dojo teaches important life skills, including:

Self-Defence, Confidence, Self-Discipline, Courtesy, Loyalty, Respect, Perseverance, Integrity, Goal Setting, Increased Fitness, Honour, Self-Control, Focus.

We focus on the complete picture to help you grow into a stronger person, in body and mind.

Instruction Matters

When choosing a martial arts school, you want to be comfortable with the style of instruction used. We base our instruction on the traditional style of karate instruction, which focuses on hard work, challenging drills, and collective discipline. Our instructors are supportive and helpful and are always encouraging our students to execute their techniques with greater speed, strength and accuracy. As students, we help each other thrive in our areas of strength, and develop in our areas of weakness. As a dojo we are dedicated in our training and focused on becoming top-notch martial artists. 


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“I started taking karate to stop being bullied.  Now I have confidence in myself and I can defend myself.  I am no longer bullied because karate has given me confidence in the way I handle myself!”  - Alex, age 13

“Karate has made me more confident in school, at karate class and when I’m swimming.  It gave me more strength in my legs and my arms.  It gave me more stamina to run and swim, and it’s shown me how to be more healthy and more self-confident!”  - Sean, age 9

"Zanshin Dojo is like my second home because I enjoy what I do there so much. Karate has helped me with my ability to focus and has given me confidence in myself. Sensei inspires me to work hard to achieve my goals. Overall, I really enjoy karate because I have a great teacher and it helps me overcome a lot of things." - Matthew, age 11

“Karate class is a time when I can relieve some pent-up stress.  From the start of each class to the final bow of respect, I find that karate has helped tremendously with just feeling more relaxed and healthy.”  - Jeff, age 42

"We have a super club. Enthusiastic Sensei and youth that come to learn. It is a pleasure to be part of this group."  - Rochelle, age 50


"My favourite thing at Zanshin Dojo is sparring and the strategy behind it!" - Oliver, age 10

“I really like the instruction from Sensei Whittal.  Right from the beginning, he instills a sense of respect and honour throughout the dojo.  So much of karate is detailed instruction, with etiquette and discipline woven throughout the teaching.  Young people today, more than ever, need this as part of their learning in their formative years.  I am very impressed with the structured teaching that karate has provided for me and my son.  Thank you to Sensei Whittal for your excellent instruction!” - Jeff, age 42