Stronger in Body and Mind

Zanshin Dojo is a martial arts club in Chatham, Ontario. Our classes build stronger individuals, both in body and in mind. Our students love challenging and fun training - come and see why! We’d love to have you join us. We offer classes starting at age 8, and have teen and adult programming too. For younger students our Kinder Kix program, offered in conjunction with Brio Academy, is for ages 3 to 7. Got questions? Get in touch!

Instruction Matters

When choosing a martial arts school, you want to be comfortable with the style of instruction used. Our instructors are supportive and helpful and are always encouraging our students to strive for improvement. Our dojo is like a family, where we help each other thrive in our areas of strength, and develop in our areas of weakness. As a dojo, we are dedicated in our training and focused on becoming top-notch martial artists. 


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