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2019-2020 Registration

september 2019 to june 2020

Zanshin Dojo's registration is managed through our partners at Brio Academy. Our season runs from September through June, and payment can be made in 9 equal monthly instalments on the 1st day of each month, with the first payment on September 1, and the last payment on May 1.

For Zanshin Dojo General Classes, Brio's family/multiple-registration discount comes into effect immediately upon the second registration, since our classes meet twice per week. Brio's family/multiple-registration discount is: regular price for first 2 class registrations, 20% off for the 3rd and 4th class registration, and 50% off for 5th + registrations. This discount does not apply to  private lessons. Got questions? Just ask! We’re here to help.

For registration and payment, click here to go to the Brio Academy registration site: